Interviewer: Although your assignment was to base a story on an emotional pairing, your protagonist is part-robot, a character who, consequently, has trouble feeling: “The dustless hallows of his mechanical chest ached for something he couldn’t quantify.” Why did you choose to use a part-robot as your protagonist? Does Hunter’s partial lack of humanity, in your opinion, diminish or heighten emotions?

A.C. Worth: I like to think of it as the “Pinocchio effect.” Hunter is an Augie – an augmented human, and as such, he traded in some human emotions for the robotic advantage of rapid processing. Now he longs to be more human and is working on how to express his feelings.

Interviewer: Hunter describes “scraps of emotion” almost as if they are ingredients in a recipe – “a touch of fear, a drop of sorrow, [and] a pinch of regret” help him understand that he does not want Ameena to die. How do these emotions – fear, sorrow, and regret – relate to longing or sorrow?

A.C. Worth: I think longing is the bucket that holds many emotions- fear, sorrow, regret, jealousy, happiness, etc.

Interviewer: After finishing your story, what was the single most valuable take-away from the experience?

A.C. Worth: Usually, I write within a much larger world peopled by a big cast of characters. Focusing down on three characters, (four characters if you count the ship’s AI), was a refreshing change of scope.

Interviewer: Given that this is a “score” anthology, what representative piece of music would you connect to “Homecoming”?

A.C. Worth: Robot Love (feat. GRÉTA) by Klaypex (2015). The music video is here.

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