David A. Gray (“The Bureau of Sinful and Emotional Gods”) – Awe + Lust

Interviewer: In “The Bureau of Sinful and Emotional Gods”, how did personifying your assigned emotions by using the literal gods of ‘Awe’ and ‘Lust’ help you explore the feelings more? What did you learn about awe and lust through your characters and writing process? David Gray: Oddly, it was the …

May 2019

Beautifully written speculative fiction from Metaphorosis magazine.

All the stories from the month, plus author biographies, interviews, and story origins.

Table of Contents

  • Somewhere to be Going – Katrina Smith
  • One for the Wounded – Phoenix Alexander
  • In the Beating of a Wing – David Cleden
  • The Memory Dresser – Nicholas M. Stillman
  • Unmasked – Tomas Marcantonio

Cover art by Melissa Kojima.

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Pauline Yates (“Raising Mira”) – Awe + Longing

Interviewer: You sum up the complicated interlacing of ‘longing’ and ‘awe’ beautifully in “Raising Mira” when the protagonist thinks, “How I long to hear Mira’s tinkling, music-box giggles and experience the wonderment of being a family again.” If these two feelings hadn’t been the assigned emotions for your story – …

Mariah Montoya (“Selkie’s Song”) – Lust + Sorrow

Interviewer: In “Selkie’s Song,” how did your minor emotion, ‘sorrow,’ change the dynamic of your primary emotion, ‘lust’? Mariah Montoya: Before writing this story, whenever I thought of lust, it was usually accompanied by joy or excitement. It was never sorrowful. My minor emotion pushed me to think about what …

B. Morris Allen (“The Humblebract Expedition”) – Fun + Love, (“Fountainhead”) – Longing + Sorrow

Interviewer: In “The Humblebract Expedition,” the key to fun is “a lack of appreciation of risk” and a true sign of love is “eyes tightened at the corners,” or, in other words, pain. How did you manage to utilize the full power of fun and love in your story without …

Thom Connors (“Naves Autem Vacuo”) – Misery + Dislike

Interviewer: In the beginning of “Naves Autem Vacuo,” Lauren loves silence, but by the end, she grows to hate it. Usually ‘dislike’ is directed toward a person or thing, not a lack thereof. How did your unique construction of the meaning of ‘dislike’ in this story contribute to your other assigned …

David Hammond (“That Moment You Realize”) – Boredom + Tension

Interviewer: “That Moment You Realize” is somehow both boring on the one hand and hilarious on the other. Your assigned emotions, ‘boredom’ and ‘tension’, are at odds with each other; if Victor felt too much tension, he wouldn’t feel so bored after quitting his job as a meme generator. How …

Felicity Drake (“Potential”) – Hope + Joy

Interviewer: After so many stories about death and darkness, your story “Potential” ends Score with the hope and joy of birth and infinite possibilities. How does Aspasia’s decision to revive a once-living human exemplify these two emotions more so than the creation of a new one? Would the story have ended differently …