Reading 5X5 x2: Duets

How do authors’ voices change when they collaborate?

A round-robin of great science fiction and fantasy stories: five authors collaborating with each other and writing solo.

Epic duels both human and divine, alien spaceships, a train full of sacrifices barreling straight toward a god’s seat of power, and much, much more.

Including stories by Evan Marcroft, David Gallay, J. Tynan Burke, L’Erin Ogle, and Douglas Anstruther.

Table of Contents
Children of a Wine-Dark World
The Relic
Lambs Fight to Die
The Third Chamber From the Left
Boro Boro
Sudden Oak Death
Memories Written in Scars
Project Blackbook
The Blood Dance of Ape and Mouse
The Firmament
Infernal® Policies and Procedures Have Changed

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Metaphorosis 2018: The Complete Stories

Beautifully written speculative fiction from Metaphorosis magazine. Fifty-two great science fiction and fantasy stories. All the stories we published in 2018. Contents From the Editor January The Seer at Sunset Hills Shopping Plaza — Katherine Perdue Jewel/Gem Offering — Emily McIntyre This Side of the Wall — Michael Gardner Memory …

Score: an SFF symphony

What if prose were written like music?

Score is an anthology of varied stories arranged to follow an emotional score from the heights of joy to the depths of despair – but always with a little hope shining through.


  • “Homecoming” — A.C. Worth
  • “Tree and Flame” — Rob Francis
  • “The Trader” — Damien Krsteski
  • “Faux Ami” — A. Martine
  • “Raising Mira” — Pauline Yates
  • “Universe of Ghosts” — Samuel Chapman
  • “The Humblebract Expedition” — B. Morris Allen
  • “Selkie’s Song” — Mariah Montoya
  • “Fountainhead” — B. Morris Allen
  • “The Interrogation of Kelstrom Nor” — T.B. McKenzie
  • “Orl, His Master, and the Egg” — Adan Berkowitz
  • “Obliteration” — Caleb Warner
  • “Naves Autem Vacuo” — Thom Connors
  • “The Factory” — Michael Gardner
  • “That Moment You Realize” — David Hammond
  • “Shiver Soft Feathers” — L’Erin Ogle
  • “The Bully Pulpit” — Ian Rennie
  • “The Bureau of Sinful and Emotional Gods” — David A. Gray
  • “The Silence of Mother” — Gerald Warfield
  • “Potential” — Felicity Drake

Cover art by Carol Wellart

Read interviews with the authors here.

Available as a paperback and an e-book.


Metaphorosis: Best of 2018

Beautifully written speculative fiction from Metaphorosis magazine.

Gods, ghosts, and dinosaurs who are definitely not dragons. The best science fiction and fantasy stories from Metaphorosis magazine’s third year.


  • The Bagel Shop Owner’s Nephew — J. Tynan Burke
  • Hishi — David A. Gray
  • Just a Fire — A. Martine
  • Koehl’s Quality Impressions — Tim McDaniel
  • The Foaling Season — Samuel Chapman
  • The Little G-d of Łódź — Evan Marcroft
  • Of Hair and Beanstalks — William Condon
  • Familiar in Her Angles — E.A. Brenner
  • Cheminagium — David Gallay
  • The Stars Don’t Lie — R.W.W. Greene
  • The Dream Diary of Monk Anchin — Felicity Drake
  • Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost — Douglas Anstruther
  • Velaya, the Dreaming City — Beston Barnett

Cover art by Saleha Chowdhury.

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Metaphorosis 2017: The Complete Stories

Beautifully written speculative fiction from Metaphorosis magazine. Fifty-three great science fiction and fantasy stories. All the stories we published in 2017.


From the Editor

“Snow Queen”, T. R. North
“Business As Usual”, N. R. Lambert
“Be Prepared to Shoot the Nanny”, Rachel Kolar
“The Snow Queen’s Daughter”, Sean R. Robinson

“Halfsies”, Eric Del Carlo
“A Nightingale’s Map of the City”, Suzanne J. Willis
“The Naked Me”, N. Immanuel Velez
“Chambers of the Heart”, B. Morris Allen

“Just Five Minutes”, George Allen Miller
“The Lost Heirs of Rose McAlder”, Kate Lechler
“Bad News from the Future”, Angus Cervantes
“Lake Oreyd”, Damien Krsteski
“Sundown on the Hill”, Timothy Mudie

“Scraps”, Juliet Kemp
“Angels at the Border”, Ian Rennie
“To the Eggplant Cannon”, Beth Goder
“Canoes of Hava’iki”, Steve Rodgers

“Heartwood”, L. Chan
“Ways to Face the Firing Squad”, Anna Zumbro
“The Early History of the Moon”, Karolina Fedyk
“The Questioning Bell”, Jason Baltazar

“Light Winds With a Chance of Velociraptors”, Michelle Ann King
“Trucks in Reverse”, Christopher Cervelloni
“The Illuminator Leaves”, Molly Etta
“One Divided by Eternity”, Filip Wiltgren
“The Abjection Engine: Fragments From the Diary of Alexi Alanovonovich”, Y. X. Acs

“BetaU”, Travis McKenzie
“HOPper”, Charlotte H. Lee
“The Circe Test”, Nora Mulligan
“Papa Pedro’s Children”, Karl Dandenell

“Shadows on Glass”, Jamie Lackey
“What Have You Done to Be Happy Today?”, Kimberly Kaufman
“Oven Game”, Paul A. Hamilton
“An Aftertaste of Earth”, Pauline Yates

“A Conversion of Crows”, B. Morris Allen
“The Lost Languages of Exiles”, Laura E. Price
“Renewal”, Michael Gardner
“What The Darkness Is”, Simon Kewin
“Radical Abundance”, Angie Lathrop

“Making the List”, David Hammond
“Beneath the Sea of Glass”, Robert Francis
“Lock Rise”, Phil Berry
“Bluebird”, Benjamin Cort

“Notes Towards a New Fairytale”, Patrick Doerksen
“The Number of the Tribe”, Gerald Warfield
“My Book Report on Starlight”, Joachim Heijndermans
“The Wife of Fabian Vitalik”, Mariah Montoya

“The Cure for Cancer”, Ryan Fitzpatrick
“Sharpington Coffers – Current Score: 49.8”, Erik Goldsmith
“Wytchen Wood”, Lori J. Fitzgerald
“Dekker’s Miracle”, Frank Oreto
“Rowboats – a cautionary tale of linguistics”, Filip Wiltgren
“Emeralds or Amethysts”, Alexandra Grunberg

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Best Vegan Science Fiction & Fantasy of 2017

The best vegan science fiction and fantasy stories of 2017

A baker’s dozen of the best science fiction and fantasy stories of 2017 that happen to be vegan-friendly. Mysterious giant birds, fossil snails, an instant prose analyzer, and much more!

  • Bluebird – Benjamin Cort
  • Ligeia is Waiting – Russell Hemmell
  • Oven Game – Paul A. Hamilton
  • Cold Comforts – Graham Robert Scott
  • Lake Oreyd – Damien Krsteski
  • A Nightingale’s Map of the City – Suzanne J. Willis
  • Angels at the Border – Ian Rennie
  • Sharpington’s Coffers: Current Score 49.8 – Erik Goldsmith
  • Sundown on the Hill – Timothy Mudie
  • Business as Usual – N.R. Lambert
  • Bad News from the Future – Angus Cervantes
  • The Cure for Cancer – Ryan Fitzpatrick
  • The Lost Languages of Exiles – Laura E. Price

Cover art by vegan artist Bonnie Leeman.

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