Speculative fiction
Start With Stones – collected stories

Start With Stones – collected stories

StartWithStonesCover2500aSpeculative tales of love and disaster. A collection of light-hearted fantasy and science fiction stories.

  • Silver Lining – Why can’t the elder races just learn to get along?
  • The Girl Who Just Went Wrong – And why she did it.
  • Start with Stones – If you look for magic under rocks, you might find something you don’t expect.
  • The First Assembly of God – Putting together a god is a delicate business. Especially if you don’t read the instructions.
  • Manifest Destiny – In the city of prophecy, a hero arrives on the wings of destiny – just in time for his appointment.
  • The Matter of God – Just what are gods made of, anyway, and who makes them?
  • The Stone in the Sword – Some things TH White never quite got around to explaining.


ISBN: 978-0-9856091-7-7 (EPUB)

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