Start With Stones – collected stories

StartWithStonesCover2500aSpeculative tales of love and disaster. A collection of light-hearted fantasy and science fiction stories.

  • Silver Lining – Why can’t the elder races just learn to get along?
  • The Girl Who Just Went Wrong – And why she did it.
  • Start with Stones – If you look for magic under rocks, you might find something you don’t expect.
  • The First Assembly of God – Putting together a god is a delicate business. Especially if you don’t read the instructions.
  • Manifest Destiny – In the city of prophecy, a hero arrives on the wings of destiny – just in time for his appointment.
  • The Matter of God – Just what are gods made of, anyway, and who makes them?
  • The Stone in the Sword – Some things TH White never quite got around to explaining.


ISBN: 978-0-9856091-7-7 (EPUB)

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Metaphorosis – a collection of stories

MetaphorosisCover2500Metaphor, allegory, parable – tales to excite the imagination. A collection of speculative fiction stories.

  • Coup de Tart – The true story of the Knave of Hearts
  • One Fine Day in Asgard – What the gods do before twilight
  • Metaphorosis – Never change, sweetheart. Not into that.
  • House of Hope – Stone and timber make a house, and much, much more.
  • At Stake – Condemned as a witch, a woman searches for one last sign of love.
  • Parabolic – One man, one cave, an audience.
  • All’s Fair – On the day before the last battle, the old powers rally for a final effort.
  • Palimpsest – Change is for the better. Isn’t it?
  • Spring and the Arachnodactylist – It’s a warm, sunny day. Why not stay inside and read? 

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Dancing Through Winter

DtWCoverHaving played all summer, the human race must dance all winter to stay warm.

After the war, four people survive in a cavern – two adults, two children. But when young Jim learns the truth about his dead father, his small world begins to fall apart.

This is a 7,300 word SHORT STORY.

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ISBN: 978-0-9856091-5-3 (EPUB)

Note: this story is not related to the novella The Speed of Winter by the same author.


CrustCoverWhere do you go when the going gets painful? And how do you get back?

Between a rock and some very sharp objects – you’ve been captured by the Alliance, you’re mostly paralyzed, and there are some nasty tools hanging on the wall. What’s a simple signals analyst to do? And where’s your tough soldier brother when you need him? 

This is a 6,300 word SHORT STORY.

WARNING:This is a graphic, literally visceral story about torture (albeit somewhat lighthearted). Definitely not suitable for children.

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Maison d’Etre

MaisondEtreCoverAre you living someone else’s life? Should you be?

Karen was a runaway who had survived the streets but finally run aground. The Existential Society offered a way out – a path to another life. But what would their offer cost her?

This is a 6,300 word SHORT STORY.

Drive Like Lightning … Crash Like Thunder

DriveCover2500The alien Mechanics attacked from nowhere and for no reason. Or did they?

Anjica is a human scout searching for resources and mapping the edge of Mechanic space – the systems occupied by the mysterious, implacable foes that wiped out Frexi colony for no reason. All that mankind has in its favor is the faster than light Duncaster drive. But then Anjica finds a secret that explains the Mechanics’ enmity and may give humans an edge. If she can survive to bring it home.

This book contains two linked SHORT STORIES (about 11,000 words).

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ISBN 978-0-9856091-2-2(EPUB)