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Reading 5X5 x2: Duets

Reading 5X5 x2: Duets

How do authors’ voices change when they collaborate?

A round-robin of great science fiction and fantasy stories: five authors collaborating with each other and writing solo.

Epic duels both human and divine, alien spaceships, a train full of sacrifices barreling straight toward a god’s seat of power, and much, much more.

Including stories by Evan Marcroft, David Gallay, J. Tynan Burke, L’Erin Ogle, and Douglas Anstruther.

Table of Contents
Children of a Wine-Dark World
The Relic
Lambs Fight to Die
The Third Chamber From the Left
Boro Boro
Sudden Oak Death
Memories Written in Scars
Project Blackbook
The Blood Dance of Ape and Mouse
The Firmament
Infernal® Policies and Procedures Have Changed

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