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Best Vegan Science Fiction & Fantasy of 2018

Best Vegan Science Fiction & Fantasy of 2018

The best vegan science fiction and fantasy stories of 2018.

Fifteen stories of gods and monsters, of love and cruelty, of memories and mementos, of futures and pasts. Stories drawn from Clarkesworld, Galaxy’s Edge, Abyss and Apex, Escape Pod, Nature, and Metaphorosis. And they’re all vegan-friendly to boot!

  • Always Dawn to Forever Night — Luke Elliott
  • Pandora, Rising — George Nikolopoulos
  • All the Colors I Cannot See — L’Erin Ogle
  • Replica — Pauline Yates
  • The Seer at Sunset Hills Shopping Plaza — Katherine Perdue
  • Elegy of Carbon — Benjamin C. Kinney
  • A Cigarette Burn on Your Memory — Bo Balder
  • Twins — Gregory Kane
  • Subtle Ways Each Time — Y.M. Pang
  • Combustion — Kai Hudson
  • In All Possible Futures — Dantzel Cherry
  • Sorry Sorry Sorry and I Love You — L’Erin Ogle
  • Last Contact — Graham Robert Scott
  • It Feels Like Déjà Vu — Phong Quan
  • A House on the Volga — Filip Wiltgren

Cover art by vegan artist Bonnie Leeman.

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