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Reading 5X5

Reading 5X5

Five stories, five times

Five science fiction and fantasy themes, each explored five times by five different authors. Contemporary Fantasy, High Fantasy, Soft SF, Hard SF, Other – you name it, it’s here. See what different authors do with the same basic premise!

Contemporary Fantasy

  • Dreaming in Other Colours — Meryl Stenhouse
  • Letters to the Earth — Caleb Warner
  • The Fourth Pillar Says No — L. Chan
  • Howl at the Moon — T.R. North
  • Kitchen — Vanessa Fogg
  • The Simple Task — Michael Gardner*

Soft Science Fiction

  • Time, The Ever-Rolling Stream — Juliet Kemp
  • Patience — K.G. Anderson
  • Petri Viventum — James Ross
  • The Great Scientist Rivalry on Planet Sourdough — Beth Goder
  • The Visible Spectrum — Matt Thompson


  • The Fragments of Others — Suzanne J. Willis
  • Between Ashes and Wings — Chanel Earl
  • 1001 — Y. X. Acs
  • Where Art Thou, My Love? — Filip Wiltgren
  • Deus ex Noir — Rhoads Brazos
  • Maps in Our Footsteps, Legend in Our Dreams — Jason Baltazar*

Hard Science Fiction

  • T-Minus — Ian Rennie
  • Countdown — David Hammond
  • One of the Cities — Damien Krsteski
  • In the Absence of Time — Pauline Yates
  • The Long View — Karl Dandenell

High Fantasy

  • Blood Feud — Paul A. Hamilton
  • Child of Flowers — Sean Robinson
  • Tongue of the Chimera — Sandi Leibowitz
  • Song and Sacrifice — Rob Francis
  • The Gentlest River — Karolina Fedyk

* The Writers’ Edition has two extra stories, the original story briefs, and authors’ notes for every story. 100 pages of extra material just for writers!

Cover art by Kathryn Weaver.

Read interviews with the authors here.

Available as a paperback and an e-book.

Readers’ Edition
25 great SFF stories
Writers’ Edition
100 pages of extra material just for writers
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