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Metaphorosis 2016: Nearly Complete Stories

Metaphorosis 2016: Nearly Complete Stories

Beautifully written speculative fiction from Metaphorosis magazine. Fifty-three great science fiction and fantasy stories. Almost all the stories we published in 2016.

From the Editor

January 2016
“The Demon in the Page”, Joshua Phillip Johnson
“Cat Play”, Mari Ness
“… and now He erases”, Rhoads Brazos
“The Machinery”, Julia Warner
“In the Belly of the Angel”, Henry Szabranski

February 2016
“Heard”, Elise Forier Edie
“Rowboat”, K. G. Anderson
“How to Survive a Fish Attack”, Kato Thompson
“Seeders”, Jamie Killen

March 2016
“La Belle Dame”, Sabrina N. Balmick
“The Sea Bank of Svalbard South”, Octavia Cade
“The Heresy Machine”, Gerald Warfield
“Spoiler: She Leaves Him”, Jack Noble

April 2016
“The Flight Home”, Kaitlin McCloughan
“The Sound Barrier”, Tony Clavelli
“Whalesong”, L. Chan
“Murder on the Adriana”, James Ross
“Gathering Dust”, Meryl Stenhouse

May 2016
“Tides of Reflection”, Mark Rookyard
“A Song Without a Voice”, Brad Preslar
“Solomon and the Dragon’s Tongue”, Molly Etta
“Mr. McAvennie’s Freedom”, Dan Micklethwaite

June 2016
“In Dew and Frost and Flame”, Vanessa Fogg
“Sheer”, Phil Berry
“Adaptations to Coastal Erosion”, B. Morris Allen

July 2016
“Regarding the Sainted Pirate Nicholas”, Michael M. Jones
“My Dog is the Constellation Canis Major”, Jarod K. Anderson
“Serenity”, Jeanette Gonzalez
“The Last”, Premee Mohamed
“Luminaria”, Matt Thompson

August 2016
“Duet for Unaccompanied Cello”, Chanel Earl
“Out Where the Rivenbuds Grow”, Mark Rookyard
“The Bonesetter”, Santiago Belluco
“So, You’re In an Alternate Universe”, Jeremy Packert Burke
“Dragons I Have Slain”, B. Morris Allen

September 2016
“Shiplight”, Benjamin C. Kinney
“Strix Antiqua”, Hamilton Perez
“Showtime”, Jamie Brindle
“Flann Brónach and the King’s Champion”, Allison Wall

October 2016
“The Hole in the Wall”, Andrew Leon Hudson
“Shine”, Amelia Aldred
“Undertow”, Jared Leonard
“Comes the Tinker”, Karl Dandenell

November 2016
“The Cartographer”, Caleb Warner
“My Last Summer at Camp Unterlaken”, Eugene Morgulis
“Pandemonium”, Allison Epstein
“Hearts and Roses”, Kathryn Yelinek

December 2016
“The World’s Secret Heartbeat”, Aatif Rashid
“The Nature of Glass”, Sandi Leibowitz
“The Stars are Tiny Lights on a Perfect Black Dome”, Simon Kewin
“The Doctor’s Mask”, Taylor Hornig
“Never Miss: Moses Abebe is a Machine”, J. T. Gill


September 2015
“Metaphorosis”, B. Morris Allen

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