Speculative fiction
Tocsin – and other stories

Tocsin – and other stories

Stories of adventure and determination. A collection of (mostly) science fiction stories.

  • Tocsin – A lonely buoy stands guard.
  • The Digital Revival – Don’t point that at me, it has a nail in it.
  • Drive Like Lightning … Crash Like Thunder – The alien Mechanics attacked from nowhere and for no reason. Or did they?
  • Maison d’Etre – Are you living someone else’s life? Should you be?
  • The Dark Distillery – Where does evil go when it’s gone?
  • Dancing Through Winter – Having played all summer, the human race must dance all winter to stay warm.
  • My Trip to the Awe Tanks – A young boy’s look at progress.
  • Crash Boom Bang – A story at any length you like.
  • Crust – Where do you go when the going gets painful? And how do you get back?

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