Best Vegan SFF

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Best Vegan Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2016

The best vegan science fiction and fantasy stories of 2016.

Twelve stories of mysterious aliens, unusual pets, messages from the future, witchcraft, and much more. And what’s more, they’re all vegan friendly! No skipping over the ugly parts; there are none. Just interesting ideas, good stories, and great writing!

Stories include:

  • My Dog is the Constellation Canis Major – Jarod K. Anderson
  • Images Across a Shattered Sea – Stewart Baker
  • Rowboat – K. G. Anderson
  • Daughter of the Sea – George Nikolopoulos
  • Tides of Reflection – Mark Rookyard
  • Lift Up Your Cores, O Ye Ships – Tracy Canfield
  • Strix Antiqua – Hamilton Perez
  • May Dreams Shelter Us – Kate O’Connor
  • Spoiler: She Leaves Him – Jack Noble
  • Murder on the Adriana – James Ross
  • Closed Circuit – J. S. Arquin
  • Small Magics – Kelly Sandoval

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The first in a new annual series – the best vegan SFF of the year.

Our focus is on stories that vegans can read without having to ignore heroes who eat steak or go fishing. These are stories that happen to be vegan, not stories that are about veganism (though that’s fine too).


Have a story you want to submit? Go here for guidelines.



  1. This sounds exciting and would like to summit. Except, non of my vegan stories have been published yet. Does that disqualify me?

  2. For purposes of the anthology, do off-hand mentions of pets count as vegan?

    • What we’re looking for is stories that happen to be vegan – that is, they don’t include hunting, meat-eating, horse riding, etc. They don’t have to be about veganism or include animals at all. We want stories that vegans can read without cringing.

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